Melissa Moore

Thank you for joining me Monday-Saturday from 10am-2pm. I appreciate you spending your workday hanging out with me- no matter where you're working from these days. Since you spend so much time with me, I wanted to share just a little bit about myself: -Midwest girl (Indiana - Ball State Grad !) who moved to CO and fell in love with the people and mountains when I was a tween. -Met the love of my life later in life and am now married with 2 teenage girls -Animal lover- 2 dogs and 1 cat -Love the mountains in the summer the best - Favorite CO town- #1 Ouray - #2 Salida -Los Cabos is my favorite spot to vacation- helped that I got engaged there too! -Kindness is my favorite quality in people.

Melissa teaches Kathie J how to measure your bra size – VIDEO

You don’t need to be measured at a store for a new bra, Melissa Moore & Kathie J will show you how it’s done.  Plus, it’s them so of course […]
16 hours ago

New picture and update on Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has returned with a beautiful and thoughtful new picture and an update on her health.
16 hours ago

Melissa and Kathie J’s travel wardrobe FAILS

Going on vacation can be stressful if you're not sure what to pack or what to expect. Kathie J is not a world traveler, but she's going solo to Romania!  The issue is what to pack and bring.  So, she's started doing trial runs of her 'Romania' outfits.
17 hours ago

Melissa Moore talks with Broadway star who plays Elsa from Frozen

Melissa Moore chats with Broadway star, Caroline Bowman, who plays Elsa in the Broadway show Frozen. Frozen is coming to the DCPA June 19th – July 3rd.  DCPA announces lottery […]
2 days ago

CO biology teacher competing at US Open

Colin Prater is a full-time job biology teacher and golf coach at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
2 days ago

Denver’s inflation versus the rest of the country

According to the Pew Research Center, inflation after the pandemic rose to its highest rate since the 1980s. 
2 days ago

Melissa and Kathie J have summer camp FOMO

Who wouldn’t want to go horseback riding and hanging out with their friends all day?!  Adults need summer camp too! Office Chat with Melissa Moore & Kathie J – Weekdays […]
3 days ago

Taylor Swift’s ex is engaged and a dig from his mom

Plus, Marren Morris debuted a new song at Red Rocks last night. Melissa’s Hollywood Report – Weekdays at 12:40pm and LIVE On FB Thousands Taylor Swift fans come down with […]
3 days ago

Coloradans are more willing to relocate than other states

A new study looked at each state and what they’re searching online in regards to moving.  In the new study by, they looked at every state and how often […]
3 days ago

Watch: Kathie J sets the record straight on her hubby and technology with Melissa Moore

This is part two of Office Chat with Melissa Moore & Kathie J and why she is ready to throw her new phone out the window.
3 days ago

Watch: Kathie J’s husband fills in on Office Chat and she busts him!

Why can't Kathie J use the toll road?  Why doesn't JJ pack for himself?  
4 days ago

Will Taylor Swift be in the new Deadpool Wolverine movie?

Plus, who is going to replace Kevin Costner on Yellowstone?   Melissa’s Hollywood Report – Weekdays at 1:40pm – LIVE on FB and Podcast on KOSI 101.1 app Giant bathtubs, The […]
4 days ago

Family summer vacations up 15% this year

The cost of a family of four 1 week vacation is now...  $7,936 according to GoGoCharters.
4 days ago

Thousands Taylor Swift fans come down with Covid after show

So far thousands of attendees have tested positive for the virus.
4 days ago

Giant bathtubs, The Sphere and romance in a kids free weekend in Vegas?

Kathie J traveled to Vegas over the weekend with her hubby.  She explains what The Sphere is really like and find out how romantic the weekend turned out to be. […]
5 days ago

DIA’s longest flight ever takes off tomorrow

How long could you sit still on a plane?  If you’re on the longest flight ever to leave DIA you’ll have to be able to sit still for 12 hours. […]
5 days ago

Apple says these iPhones are obsolete – do you have one?

Apple has added an iPhone to their list of obsolete Apple products.  Are you still using one of these products? 
5 days ago

Five best fruits for your heart health

Eating a variety of fruits can significantly benefit heart health, according to cardiologists.
6 days ago

Color of your child’s swimsuit equals water safety

Water safety experts emphasize the importance of the color of a child's swimsuit in enhancing visibility and preventing drownings.
7 days ago

Who packs for their husband on trips? Umm…Kathie J!

This may be one of the most insightful and shocking discoveries yet on Office Chat.  Kathie J PACKS EVERYTHING for her husband when they go out of town.
8 days ago

Why is Beyonce MIA right now?

Beyonce is MIA and a ghost was spotted at a Taylor Swift show in Madrid.
8 days ago

Four more Red Lobsters closing in CO

An additional 130 Red Lobster locations will be closing.
8 days ago

How to tell if your coins are from the Denver Mint

The Denver Mint is one of only four working U.S. Mints currently in the country.
8 days ago

Kathie J’s kids free weekend away and why it’s not romantic

Plus, on the post show the epic solo date that Melissa is encouraging Kathie to take.
9 days ago