Why Is It Raining So Much in Denver??

By Melissa Moore on June 6, 2023
DENVER, CO – JULY 5 : Jonathan Combs, front, and his wife Elizabeth take a walk in the rain at Sloans Lake Park in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. (Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)

Anyone else feel like we’re just waiting on Noah and the Ark to come by?  According to a 9News article, we have had 13 straight days of rain.  After today, that will be two solid weeks of rain.

RAIN in Colorado!  What gives?!

AND they say that we could see this pattern for another 10-14 days.  Umm…Mother Nature that is the entire month of June!

So what gives?  Apparently it’s all about weather patterns.  The Midwest has some high pressure system that is forcing our storms to last longer.  Thanks cornfields.  Also, there was a typhoon in the Pacific that has kept us in rain.

The last theory is the fan favorite, El Nino.

No matter what, it’s been raining a lot.  Flooded basements, parks and frustrated Coloradans who are used to being the sunshine state.

Looking at KUSA’s forecast, it looks like we could see the rain leave later NEXT week.

Rain, rain, go away.


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