Most Googled Food In Every State For The Big Game

By 98.5 KYGO on February 1, 2019

The Big Football Game is such a big eating day! The food website Delish analyzed Google date to figure out what food people in every state have been searching for the most surrounded by The Big Game. Some are traditional snacks and some are weird.

The most popular snack is buffalo chicken dip…it’s the top food in eight states, but no the states whose teams are in the Big Game….they have some of the weird snacks of all.

California’s top food is baked chicken breaks…and Massachusetts’ is gluten-free pretzels…

Here are the full results for every state:

  • Alabama-white chicken chili
  • Alaska-nachos
  • Arizona-death by chocolate cake
  • Arkansas-chicken wings
  • California-baked chicken breasts
  • Colorado-broccoli cheese soup
  • Connecticut-buffalo chicken dip
  • Delaware-Chocolate peanut butter cake
  • D.C.-pigs in a blanket
  • Florida-cake
  • Georgia-buffalo chicken dip
  • Hawaii-football shaped cupcakes
  • Idaho-salad
  • Illinois-jalapeno poppers
  • Indiana-fried rice
  • Iowa-Irish stew
  • Kansas-buffalo chicken dip
  • Kentucky-salad
  • Louisiana-cupcakes
  • Maine-paella
  • Maryland-pizza
  • Massachusetts-gluten-free pretzels
  • Michigan-pizza
  • Minnesota-tacos
  • Mississippi-granola bars
  • Missouri-broccoli cheese soup
  • Montana-lentil soup
  • Nebraska-pigs in a blanket
  • Nevada-vegan cheesy bacon spinach dip
  • New Hampshire-cakes and cupcakes
  • New Jersey-buffalo chicken dip
  • New Mexico-pea and peppercorn mash
  • New York-spinach dip
  • North Carolina-cobb salad
  • North Dakota-baked nachos
  • Ohio-buffalo chicken dip
  • Oklahoma-chicken noodle soup
  • Oregon-banana bread
  • Pennsylvania-chicken wings
  • Rhode Island-seven-layer dip
  • South Carolina-turkey chili
  • South Dakota-cupcakes
  • Tennessee-cake
  • Texas-spinach dip
  • Utah-bacon-wrapped smokies
  • Vermont-laxagna
  • Virginia-buffalo chicken dip
  • Washington-cake
  • West Virginia-buffalo chicken dip
  • Wisconsin-buffalo chicken dip

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