Maroon 5’s Music Sales Were Up 587% On Sunday For The Big Game!

By 98.5 KYGO on February 5, 2019

Maroon 5 didn’t get a lot of love for the Big Game Halftime Show from the critics, but apparently it was good enough to make people immediately go out and download their music.

Nielsen Music reports that the songs performed during halftime…including the ones by Travis Scott and Big Boi sold 25,000 downloads on Sunday. That’s a 434% increase from their combined sales a day earlier, which was about 5,000.

For just Maroon 5  sales of Harder To Breathe, This Love, Girls Like You, She Will Be Loved, Sugar, and Moves Like Jagger rose by 587%, climbing from nearly 3,000 sold on Saturday to 18,000 on Sunday.

This isn’t too shocking if you have about 100 million people watching, but if the show was as unremarkable as everyone seems to think, who’s downloading 17-year-old Maroon 5 songs who didn’t already have them? Maybe most of them were for Girls Like you, which is actually recent, but Harder To Breathe came out just months after Tom Brady’s first Big Game! 

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