Let’s Take A Space Vacation

By 98.5 KYGO on June 10, 2019

Vacations to outer space have finally arrived.  As long as you’re really, really RICH.

NASA just announced that it’s going to open up the International Space Station to TOURISTS.  Until now, they banned any commercial use of the ISS.

But getting up there won’t be cheap.  It’ll cost you $35,000 per NIGHT to say on the space station for up to 30 nights . . . plus you’ll have to pay a private company to fly you there and back.

And considering that it costs roughly $60 million for companies like SpaceX to make those trips, odds are the cost will be in the millions.

But if you’ve got a TON of money lying around and you want to go to space, you can start taking these trips as soon as next year. 

What song would you play, if you were going to take one of the first vacations to space? -Joey

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