Easy Recipes for Kids

By on November 22, 2017

Are your children ever home alone for short periods of time? Maybe between school and you getting home from work or between activities in the summer? Even older kids can struggle with eating healthy snacks, so teach them about the five food groups and have ingredients ready for these easy snacks and simple meal ideas so they can stay fueled and active, even while you are away!

  • Yogurt Parfait: Layer granola and fresh fruit with your favorite low-fat yogurt. To make this easier to prepare, have sliced fruit ready in the fridge.
  • Refrigerator Oatmeal: You can have your child make this ahead of time themselves as something to do during the day  – Recipe: http://www.chopchopmag.org/content/blueberry-refrigerator-oatmeal
  • Egg-in-a-Mug with Cheese:

2 eggs

2 Tbsp milk

2 Tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

* Spray a microwave-safe mug with cooking spray. Add eggs and milk and scramble. Microwave on high one minute, stir and microwave another 30-45 seconds until eggs are cooked. Top with cheese.

  • Breakfast Burrito: Top a whole-grain tortilla with egg–in-a-mug (above), shredded cheese and frozen Mexican-style veggies (cooked in the microwave on high 30 seconds to one minute with one teaspoon of water) and enjoy!
  • Smoothies: See Create a Smoothie

5 Steps:

1. Choose 1 cup of fruit and add to blender.

2. Add 1 cup of milk to blender.

3. Select ½ cup of yogurt and add to blender.

4. Blend until smooth.

5. Add extra toppings if you would like.

  • Fruit and Cheese Kabobs: Alternate small slices of apples (or other favorite fruit) and reduced fat Cheddar cheese on skewers.

5 Steps:

1. Select cheese and fruits to add to skewers.

2. Wash fruits.

3. Use a knife to cut fruit into small pieces.

4. Slice cheese into blocks.

5. Alternate small slices of fruit and cheese on skewers.


  • Baked Potato – Scrub 1 russet potato and prick several times with a fork. Place on a plate and cook for 5 minutes on high. Turn over and cook for 5 more minutes, until potato is soft. Remove from microwave and cut length-wise. Mash the insides using a fork and top with your favorite veggies, frozen veggies, shredded cheese, canned chili, etc.
  • Tortilla or English Muffin Pizza: Top a whole-grain tortilla or English muffin with your favorite pizza sauce, reduced-fat shredded mozzarella cheese and diced veggies. Cook in the microwave until cheese melts (1-1 ½ minutes).
  • Turkey Wrap:

1 whole-grain or spinach Tortilla

2-3 slices turkey or chicken breast

Romaine lettuce leaves

Tomato slices (or other veggies of your choice – shredded carrots, cucumber slices, etc.)

1 slice of your favorite cheese

* Lay tortilla on a clean surface. Layer meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese inside and roll.

5 Steps:

1. Lay tortilla on a clean surface.

2. Layer meat on tortilla.

3. Wash and slice lettuce and tomato. Slice cheese.

4. Add lettuce, tomato and cheese to tortilla.

5. Roll the tortilla up and cut into pieces if needed.

Give your kids the tools they need to start cooking healthy, balanced snacks and meals this summer and into the school year. Remind them to wash their hands and wash any produce before eating, and be sure to reward them with praise when they do the dishes!

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