Bob Ross Is Finally Getting His Work In A Museum!

By 98.5 KYGO on June 3, 2019

For all the years that BOB ROSS taught us to paint happy trees, he never truly got the respect he deserved. Until now. His work is FINALLY getting shown in a museum, for the first time EVER.

Four of Bob’s paintings are part of an exhibit at the DePaul Art Museum in Chicago. The exhibit is called New Age, New Age: Strategies for Survival.

The show highlights contemporary works that explore metaphysical practices, nature, self-realization, and political resistance.

According to the curators of the exhibit, Bob’s creative philosophy, quote, “reflected the shift away from overly serious, cerebral paintings and the rise of optimism and sincerity in art.”

Sadly, Bob will not get to see him finally get his props. Bob died in 2005.

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