Kathie J

Hi! I’m Kathie J, a RADIO/TV PERSONALITY in Denver, CO. I have worked in radio for over 23 years and television for over 10 years. I grew up in Thornton, CO and have loved radio my whole life. As a kid, I can remember listening to Hal & Charlie before school with my parents. They were so funny. My first paying job in radio was with the promotions team for KOSI 101.1FM. One of my “most embarrassing moments” was as the KOSI BEAR MASCOT where I fell off of a stage and my head popped off. I can still hear the kids screaming. Murphy Houston was there to help me get up after my knee went out and we still laugh about it to this day. After leaving KOSI 101.1, I found a home on Denver’s #1 rated Morning Show, The KS1075 Morning Show with Larry, Kendall and Kathie J for 18 years. During this time, I was also co-host of the #1 rated television show in Denver, “KDVR – Colorado’s Everyday Show” with Chris Parente for five years. I received an Emmy for “Best Lifestyle Show Host.” In 2021, my childhood dream came true when I created, launched and hosted my own 30-minute daily television show, “The Kathie J Show, ” on KCDO-DENVER. I was honored to have received the award for “BEST OF WESTWORD 2022” BEST TALK SHOW HOST for, “The Kathie J Show.”

Colorado country artist Ingrid Andress sings worst national anthem of all time

Colorado artist, Ingrid Andress has checked herself into rehab after she performed an embarrassing rendition of the National Anthem at the Home Run Derby MLB game in Texas. Andress, who […]
15 hours ago

Half of Americans think that texts feel naked without an emoji

World Emoji Day is July 17 and the most popular emoji is the smiling face Four in 10 Americans believe a text feels naked without an emoji, according to new […]
16 hours ago

Denver Broncos HOF Terrell Davis “in shock” after being placed in handcuffs on plane

Denver Broncos legend Terrell Davis had a scary incident take place over the weekend that involved getting removed from a flight in handcuffs in front of his children and wife. […]
2 days ago

Alec Baldwin manslaughter case dismissed

Alec Baldwin cried in court today when the Judge presiding over his case dismissed it. Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer granted the defense’s motion to dismiss the case, in which they […]
5 days ago

The Kathie J Show | July 12, 2024

In this episode, Kathie hangs out with Denver native, Dr. Jim Hoven. Jim helped Kathie lose 75 lbs. and get her life back. He is the COO of Ramos Law, […]
5 days ago

Taking a hot shower before bed can cool your body down

The nation is experiencing a heat wave and Colorado is about to hit a historic heatwave of multiple 100 degree days. Everyone is looking for a way to stay cool, […]
7 days ago

Steve Perry imposter scams woman out of $120K

A woman in Ohio has stopped believing, after getting scammed by a Steve Perry imposter. An online imposter posing as Steve Perry from legendary rock group Journey, reportedly scammed a […]
8 days ago

The largest pizza chain in the US isn’t an actual pizza place

This study isn’t about who has the best tasting pizza…because we could go round and round like a pizza all day discussing that. This study is simply…who produces the most […]
8 days ago

Denver area garage robberies on the rise

Arvada police are warning residents that they are seeing an uptick in bike thefts, garage burglaries and vehicle trespasses this summer. In about half of the burglaries the robbers didn’t […]
9 days ago

Woman uses hand grenade as hammer for 20 years

90 year old Grandma Qin in China has been using a hand grenade as her homemade hammer for 20 years.  She found “the metal lump”  in the farming fields 20 […]
15 days ago

Michael J. Fox performs on stage with Coldplay

Actor Michael J. Fox had a “mind blowing” time appearing on stage with Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival.   The 63-year-old actor played guitar along with “Humankind” and “Fix You” for […]
16 days ago

KOSI Cone Tuesdays at Little Man Ice Cream

Sweet deal alert! KOSI Cone Tuesdays! When: Every Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Where: Any Little Man Ice Cream Location What: Treat yourself to one scoop of any […]
27 days ago

Post Malone meets himself as new wax figure

Grammy-nominated Post Malone was all smiles backstage at the Governors Ball in New York as he met, "himself."
1 month ago

Pat Sajak takes one last spin on Wheel of Fortune

He started in 1981 as the host of “Wheel of Fortune” and now 4 decades later…Pat Sajak is taking his last spin on the wheel. So many people have found […]
1 month ago

Catching Up with Kathie J | June 5, 2024

Kathie J discusses self-rescue, ice cream and rattlesnakes. Not necessarily in that order. She also has a shout out for her childhood girlfriends from Thornton that she got to hang […]
1 month ago

Simon Cowell looking for new ‘Boy Band’

Simon Cowell is looking for the next stars to be in his new UK Boy Band. He is on the hunt to discover the next big boy band. Simon launched […]
1 month ago

Americans spends 2 1/2 hours a day “Dream Scrolling.”

What is Dreamscrolling? We have the answer.
1 month ago

Women on Mediterranean diet live longer

Researchers examined 25,315 women over 25 years and found that the Mediterranean diet is associated a 23% reduced risk of all-cause mortality. Decreased risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality […]
2 months ago

The Kathie J Show | Jared Ewy

Join Kathie J as she catches up with her friend from college, Jared Ewy, known for his captivating personality. Ewy, now dedicated to the cause of Ability Connection Colorado, shares […]
2 months ago

Sony Pictures will use AI to cut film costs

AI is killing jobs in Hollywood. Sony Pictures is being honest and is now going to choose AI over human help to make movies in the future. Sony Pictures CEO […]
2 months ago

This Colorado HS has the most famous graduates

Smoky Hill High School in Aurora can claim the title for, “Most famous graduates.” While Colorado does have a lot of famous people from Denver including natives Tim Allen and […]
2 months ago

Chain on Denver area man’s neck saves him from bullet

Commerce City Police said that a man survived a shooting at close range thanks to the chain necklace that he was wearing. The necklace stopped the bullet and left him […]
2 months ago

Brad Pitt and George Clooney reunite for buddy comedy, “Wolfs”

It’s their first collaboration since the Ocean Eleven movies….but now…George Clooney and Brad Pitt are back on the big screen together. The film, “Wolfs,” follows Clooney, a professional fixer who […]
2 months ago

Denver Broncos building $175M training facility

Bronco's ownership is really stepping up on this facility.
2 months ago