Kathie J

Hi! I’m Kathie J, a RADIO/TV PERSONALITY in Denver, CO. I have worked in radio for over 23 years and television for over 10 years. I grew up in Thornton, CO and have loved radio my whole life. As a kid, I can remember listening to Hal & Charlie before school with my parents. They were so funny. My first paying job in radio was with the promotions team for KOSI 101.1FM. One of my “most embarrassing moments” was as the KOSI BEAR MASCOT where I fell off of a stage and my head popped off. I can still hear the kids screaming. Murphy Houston was there to help me get up after my knee went out and we still laugh about it to this day. After leaving KOSI 101.1, I found a home on Denver’s #1 rated Morning Show, The KS1075 Morning Show with Larry, Kendall and Kathie J for 18 years. During this time, I was also co-host of the #1 rated television show in Denver, “KDVR – Colorado’s Everyday Show” with Chris Parente for five years. I received an Emmy for “Best Lifestyle Show Host.” In 2021, my childhood dream came true when I created, launched and hosted my own 30-minute daily television show, “The Kathie J Show, ” on KCDO-DENVER. I was honored to have received the award for “BEST OF WESTWORD 2022” BEST TALK SHOW HOST for, “The Kathie J Show.”

Kathie J recruited Denver Broncos #30 Phillip Lindsay to help her

The vending machine at the radio stations took Kathie J’s afternoon snack. All she wanted was her yummy Skittles but they got stuck. She tried to push the vending machine […]
22 days ago

Kristin Davis dissolves facial fillers after ‘relentless ridicule’

Actress Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte on “Sex In The City,” dissolved her facial fillers after fans wouldn’t stop bothering her about her new look. Davis said that sometimes filler […]
25 days ago

Airbnb launches ‘Icon Stays’ including Pixar’s ‘UP’ and ‘Inside Out’

Would you love to stay in the the “Up” house and actually go up? You can. The house is part of Airbnb’s new “Icons” series, which launched May 1. Airbnb […]
26 days ago

Spirit Airlines named ‘safest and most affordable’ airline

According to a new study by Wallethub, Spirit Airlines is the safest, most affordable and overall third best airline in the U.S. Wallethub looked at nine major U.S. airlines. They […]
27 days ago

Colorado State Patrol can stop fleeing cars in their tracks now

Cars trying to flee from Colorado State Patrol won’t be able to outrun them after the 24 Grappler gets ahold of their car. Amazing video provided by CSP in Colorado […]
27 days ago

Catching Up with Kathie J | May 1, 2024

What could be? Let’s talk about making your dreams come true. What could be could actually be if you have a certain mindset. In this episode, I talk about how […]
27 days ago

Salary for Colorado teachers below national average

Colorado teachers are 29th on the list in the nation for salary pay. Colorado teachers, according to this report, had an average salary of $60,775 in 2022 to 2023. Before […]
28 days ago

Breast cancer screenings recommended to start at age 40

Regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer should begin at age 40 and should happen every other year until age 74, according to a U.S. Task Force. Previous recommendations suggested […]
28 days ago

It’s cheaper to rent than buy in Denver metro

A new study at “Bankrate” shows that renting is more affordable in the 50 largest metro areas, Denver being one of them. The typical home nationwide costs nearly 37 percent […]
29 days ago

$1.3 billion Powerball winner is in eight-year cancer battle

Oregon Lottery announced that husband and wife, Cheng and Duanpen Saephan, and their friend Laiza Chao, are the winners of the massive lottery drawing. Saephan immigrated to America in 1994 […]
29 days ago

The Kathie J Show | Kirk Barnett

Kirk Barnett is the founder of Live Out Proud. As a gay man growing up in the South, Kirk felt that being gay was not going to be accepted. In […]
1 month ago

Jennifer Aniston producing new ‘9 to 5’ movie

No word on whether or not Jennifer Aniston will be acting in the new “9 to 5” movie, but her production company, Echo Films, will produce it. Award winning screenwriter […]
1 month ago

Most Colorado Counties given an ‘F’ for their air quality grade

The annual State of the Air report from the American Lung Association has been released. Six of the ten cities on the Worst Air Quality list in America are in […]
1 month ago

New Whataburger in Monument has 24/7 drive-thru

Good news, Denver! Whataburger has opened its latest location in Monument, Colo., and the drive-thru is open 24/7 at 17889 Fat Tire Drive. This new location is the northernmost location […]
1 month ago

Girls flag football becomes an official high school sport in Colorado

With support from the Denver Broncos and the Denver Broncos Foundation, girls flag football has officially become sanctioned as a high school sport in Colorado. Flag football has been gaining […]
1 month ago

Hotel in Oregon that was used in certain scenes in “The Shining” movie catches fire

One of the two hotels used in, “The Shining” movie with Jack Nicholson caught fire and suffered structural damage. The hotel is located in Oregon and served as the exterior […]
1 month ago

We check our cell phones 150X a day

If you have a panic attack when you can’t find your phone, now you know why. You are addicted to touching and looking at it. According to a new report […]
1 month ago

The Kathie J Show | Larry Ulibarri

Larry Ulibarri is the funniest man Kathie knows, and it has been a few years since they worked together. Even though Kathie talks to him practically every day as a […]
1 month ago

SVU actress, Mariska Hargitay mistaken for real cop by little girl

WWOBD? What would Olivia Benson do? SVU actress Mariska Hargitay recently had her art become her reality when a little girl got separated from her mother in the park and […]
1 month ago

After 31 years, America has a new favorite dog breed

French Bulldogs have become America’s number one favorite dog breed. Beating out the Labrador Retriever for the first time in 31 years. French Bulldogs have become very popular in the […]
1 month ago

Women under 50 are sleeping less and more stressed out

Americans are more stressed and are sleeping less, but according to a new Gallup poll, it’s women under 50 that are being affected the most. About 57 percent of American […]
1 month ago

Will Smith on stage and other surprises from Coachella

Big stars and guests showed up to Coachella 2024 including Will Smith. Will Smith joined J Balvin on stage and performed his hit, “Men In Black.” Smith wore his signature […]
1 month ago

Dove recommits to never using AI images in it’s ADS

You can count on Dove to keep beauty real. It’s been 20 years since Dove launched the “Campaign for Real Beauty,” using real women of all ages, size and race […]
2 months ago

Kathie J has a mysterious HUGE bruise

Don’t you hate it when you find a bruise on your body and your have no idea how it got there? Usually a mysterious bruise can show up after a […]
2 months ago