When you think of amazing pizza … do you think of Denver? You should!

By jennyd on March 26, 2024
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When you think of places known for amazing pizza, New York City and Chicago come to mind. A new report on the best cities for pizza finds those two didn’t even crack their top 10.
Stats compiled by Clever Real Estate ranked the 50 biggest metro areas in the U.S.A. on eight factors. Including the number of pizza restaurants, average Yelp rating for those pizzerias, and the average price of a large cheese pizza with no meat.
According to this study “Denver, Colorado, is America’s best “city for pizza.” On the other hand they found Pennsylvania is the best “state for pizza.” With two top 10 Pizza cities, Philadelphia at number four and Pittsburgh at number 10. Buffalo, New York, has the highest number of pizza restaurants.
New York City has the best reputation for pizza and the most expensive pies. Chicago comes in as the 14th best city for pizza, while New York City lands at 15. Memphis, Tennessee, lands at the bottom of the ranking, making it the worst city for pizza.
Always me with the food! LOL Where is your FAVORITE place to go around Denver?
Jenny D XO
Top 50 pizza cities in the country
1. Denver, CO
2. Buffalo, NY
3. Boston, MA
4. Philadelphia, PA
5. San Diego, CA
6. San Francisco, CA
7. Hartford, CT
8. Washington, DC
9. Detroit, MI
10. Pittsburgh, PA
11. San Jose, CA
12. Phoenix, AZ
13. Sacramento, CA
14. Chicago, IL
15. New York, NY
16. Baltimore, MD
17. Miami, FL
18. Las Vegas, NV
19. St. Louis, MO
20. Orlando, FL
21. Los Angeles, CA
22. Cleveland, OH
23. Seattle, WA
24. Birmingham, AL
25. Milwaukee, WI
26. Portland, OR
27. Minneapolis, MN
28. Indianapolis, IN
29. New Orleans, LA
30. Nashville, TN
31. Tampa, FL
32. Providence, RI
33. Richmond, VA
34. Jacksonville, FL
35. Austin, TX
36. Dallas, TX
37. Atlanta, GA
38. Riverside, CA
39. Columbus, OH
40. Virginia Beach, VA
41. Kansas City, MO
42. Louisville, KY
43. Houston, TX
44. Raleigh, NC
45. Salt Lake City, UT
46. Charlotte, NC
47. Cincinnati, OH
48. Oklahoma City, OK
49. San Antonio, TX
50. Memphis, TN

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