Things I’ve Learned Staying Home

By JJ Pellini on April 1, 2020

Just reaching out to see how you are all holding up during these crazy times.  This is week 3 for me and Carol and we were wondering how we’ve managed this long just the 2 of us!  it’s been a beautiful rediscovery of each other which is good in any relationship.  We’ve been married 48 years and thought we new everything about each other. Well we pretty much did know everything , but some of those things have changed as we have gotten older. Our opinions and feelings about various things have changed mainly through the experiences of life we have learned along the way. It has been fun learning about these changes.. refreshing.  The bottom line is we still love other and have enjoyed our journey along the way and now enjoy some of the changes! Stay safe and healthy my friends…. we will make it together and enjoy the changes this leaves us…..Murphy

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