Something stinks at the International Space Station … literally

By jennyd on June 23, 2022
Astronaut James H. Newman, waves at camera as he holds onto one of the hand rails on the Unity connecting module during the early stages of a 7-hour, 21-minute spacewalk spent connecting 40 cables and connectors runing 76 feet from the Zarya control module to the Unity module, the first sections of the International Space Station December 8, 1998. (photo by NASA)

Sometimes you just have to be thankful your childhood dream of being an astronaut is not fulfilled … This is that time! I couldn’t imagine what else they have to go thru for the opportunity.  I am not cut out for that!  How about you?#JennyandFriends #KOSI101 #3ThingsYouNeedToKnow


ICYMI You can listen hear to Murphy and I discuss the 3 Things You Need to Know:

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