Metro Denver’s Last Drive-In Movie Theater Is Closing!

By Jim Lawson on June 6, 2023
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 The 88 DRIVE IN movie theater in Commerce City will be closing!

For almost 50 years the 88 Drive-In has offered the unique experience of people being able to pull up in their car and enjoy some of the biggest movies over the last several decades.  Its looking like the site where the drive-in is located may be re-zoned to allow an 80,000+ square foot industrial warehouse to take its place.

City officials made sure to note that it was the owners who have decided to leave the business and not the city, but it will definitely leave many people sad as one of our very last local drive-in movie theaters will be no more.

The family who owned the 88 Drive-In at 8780 Rosemary Street said they put the property up for sale about two years ago, and it’s been under contract for about 18 months.

The family released a statement outlining the history of the drive-in and saying: 

While the family has made some of their best memories here, and has raised four generations on the property, we feel it is best to allow the family to retire.

 While we understand we have raised our children and children’s children alongside you at this establishment where cherished memories are housed, we feel it is best to close the chapter on the 88 Drive-In. This is because we want your last memories of us to be happy. We would rather you think back on us lovingly while we have aged gracefully, and to allow us to reap the benefits of our 47 years of work. We were not approached by any buyers prior to putting the property up for sale. 

“We do not know when our last night will be at this point, but we will be sure to post it when it is set,” the owners continued. “In the meantime, come on out and enjoy some movies under the stars and make some lasting memories.”

You may also remember the Cinderella Twin Drive-In in Sheridan which opened in 1973 and closed in 2007. We’re sure many Colorado residents have enjoyed both the 88 and Cinderella Twin with their families over the years.


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