Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire why critics got it wrong

By jennyd on March 25, 2024

I was SO excited to see the new Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.  Since I was a kid I have loved ALL of the movies and it is such an nostalgia thing with every installment.  SO when the reviews came back from critics I was super sad that this one would be the one I didn’t like. Well … they were wrong!

If you look right now at Rotten Tomatoes it will show you that only 42% of the critics liked the movie.  Than it shows %85 of audience members did. THIS is why I never listen to reviews. Sometimes I feel that they just want to trash it because they can. It is such a fun and memory filled ride.

The cast and all the “inside jokes” make you feel like you are a part of the franchise and it feels good. In a world where things are so scary it is just nice to think back on the good ole days and relive them with some friends.

Oh and did I mention that I got a super fun cup?? Really bummed they didn’t have the “Ghost Trap Popcorn Holder”. Maybe I will just have to go again!

Make up your own mind about this movie. I think it will play different to a LOT of people. XO

Jenny D

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