Easiest Foods Coloradans Mess Up Making

By Melissa Moore on January 12, 2022
circa 1960: Child actor Johnny Crawford looks forward to eating a pile of pancakes in an International House of Pancakes, a chain of eateries in the USA started in 1958 by Californian brothers Al and Jerome Lapin. (Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images)

I’ve been known to burn toast.  I an handle a complicated recipe- but it’s the easy ones that I mess up the most!

Here are the top ‘easy to make’ foods that Denver folks mess up the most. I have to say though that I disagree with fish.

Cooking fish is tricky!

xox Melissa


Top Easy Foods Mess Up the Most

Pancakes – 38%

Eggs – 36%

Pasta – 35%

Mac and cheese – 33%

Soup – 31%

Sweet potatoes – 30%

Mashed potatoes – 30%

Rice – 27%

Grilled chicken – 21%

Fish – 19%

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