Beware if you have littles with ear piercings

By jennyd on February 28, 2024

So the girls were with their dad over the weekend. When my 7 year old cam home she said her ear hurt.  So I look and see that her earrings are not in. She said she told her dad that it was infected/ hurt and they pulled out the earring.  Well when they did the little clear plastic back that was on the earring got pulled into the back of the hole. It then HEALED and closed with it INSIDE her ear!!

Fast forward we had to go to the doctor and they had to numb and cut it OUT of her ear. She was so brave but it freaked me out!! Just a note to other moms to check their earrings and DO NOT USE the clear little backs. Doc said they are always a hazard!


So grateful for our pediatrician at Advanced Pediatrics and the amazing care. Poor baby will probably never want earrings again!


XO Jenny

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