Fed up with the middle seat? How United Airlines is changing the game

By Jim Lawson on May 6, 2024

United Airlines has introduced a fantastic new feature called “seat change notifications.” Here’s how it works:

  1. When booking or managing a flight through the United mobile app, you’ll be able to view the seat map.
  2. If your desired seat (such as an aisle, window, bulkhead or exit row seat) isn’t available at the time of booking, you can request to be moved to it.
  3. United will then monitor seat availability up until 12 hours before departure.
  4. If your specified seat becomes available, you’ll automatically be moved to it, and you’ll receive a push notification about the change.
Fed up with the middle seat? Find out how United Airlines is changing the game.
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This customer-friendly move by United is a win-win. Not only does it enhance the travel experience for passengers, but it also encourages more people to download and use the United mobile app. By investing in technology like this, airlines aim to engage travelers and keep them connected to their loyalty programs.

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