8 Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

By Melissa Moore on January 19, 2023
1950s Angry Married Couple Man And Woman Husband And Wife Forehead Pressed To Forehead Arguing With Each Other . (Photo by Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

January is a busy month for divorces.  Get through the holidays and then file.  But, before that happens, there are signs that your marriage may not be doing well according to Learn Divorce Law.

If these are true for you, maybe this is good information to know so that you can get some help.

8 Signs Your Marriage May Be Over 

  1.  Lack of Intimacy, respect and/or trust
  2. Planning for the future without your spouse
  3. Keeping secrets
  4. Fighting over the same things over and over
  5. OR NOT fighting at all
  6. Dreading spending alone-time together
  7. Having unrealistic expectations for each other
  8. Neither party feels the need to make an effort

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