6.17.21 | Vicky

By Austin Satkowiak on June 18, 2021

Meet Vicky! This adorable puppy was transferred to MaxFund 2 weeks ago from a shelter in New Mexico.  She is very mellow, super sweet and playful, but not crazy.  She is teething so she will need lots of toys to chew on.  She is a snuggly, friendly little puppy and seems to enjoy hanging out with other small dogs. 

We have not had her with large dogs as she is just a baby.  She is smart, alert, and excited to see people.  She loves to play with people, but also enjoys exploring on her own in our courtyards.  Because she is so young, she will not be adopted out to families with children under 5 years old.  She has a short coat and is soft like velvet. 

Please call the dog shelter at 303.595.4917 to make an appointment to meet her!

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