5 unique and unusual dining experiences in Colorado

By Murphy Huston on March 27, 2024
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Denver is a top city for foodies. but the rest of the state also has plenty of unique dining places. Many restaurants across Colorado have received national recognition and awards. Here are the unique ones you should try.

  1. Dine in a whisky barrel in Steamboat Springs. It’s Stranahan’s Barrel dining. With great views of the mountains.
  2. How about drinks and dining under Union Station. It’s Ls Caverne Supper Club.¬† A jazz-themed dining experience. Including some dancing if you like.
  3. ¬†How about eating and drinking to death you might say, at a former mortuary. Olinger Mortuaries was at one point responsible for half of Denver’s funerals. It housed the body of Buffalo Bill Cody for 6 months. It use to have a Olinger Mortuaries sign that now reads…..Linger Eatuaries.
  4. How would like to eat inside a Boeing KC-97 that was built in 1953. The Airplane Restaurant is in Colorado Springs, no surprise there. The plane is in perfect condition. It seats 42 people and lots of memorabilia.
  5. How about the FlyteCo Tower restaurant and brewery. Its all that is left of the old Stapleton International Airport. It’s in the build right by the old tower. By the Central Park neighborhood.
Photo courtesy The Airplane Restaurant

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