What small town in Colorado is one of 10 as the happiest in America?

By Murphy Huston on March 21, 2024
SILVERTON, CO – AUGUST 11: The town of Silverton is pictured on August 11, 2015 in Colorado. The Animas River (shown at bottom) was accidentally flooded with approximately three million gallons of wastewater from the Gold King mine last week. (Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)

Life can  be  a challenge but if you can find a small town to make you happy that could be a perfect setting especially if it is surrounded by the beautiful Colorado mountains. That might be why Silverton is picked as one of the happiest small towns in America by adventure website The Travel.  They looked at towns of under 8,000 people and used poverty, crime and unemployment rates to come up with their list including Silverton as number 9 of the top ten in America. Silverton was the second lowest population among the top ten.


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