How did Sloan’s Lake get here?

By Murphy Huston on March 21, 2024
LAKEWOOD, CO – JULY 18: Derek and Kamise Mullen take a moment to enjoy a break with their son on Everitt Farms on July 18, 2014 in Lakewood, Colorado. (Photo by Jason Bahr/Getty Images for

Sloan’s Lake use to be a farm. No one really knows how the lake turned from grass to water in the late 1800s, however there is a local legend. When Denver was founded the area that is Sloans lake was a grassy basin. It wasn’t until one farmer’s mistake create the body of water. As the age-old story goes. Thomas Sloan wanted to build a well for farmland in 1861. When digging a well he accidentally tapped into an underground aquifer.  By the time he woke up the next morning 200 acres of his farmland were covered in water. Thus Sloan’s lake.


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