What does mom REALLY want?

By Jenny D on May 9, 2024

What Moms Want For Mother’s Day … According to a survey by Lending Tree

a card 36%

quality time together 32%

flowers 29%

a special meal 25%

something sentimental 15%

jewelry 15%

Me Time 14%

clothing 9%

wine 8%

beauty products 7%


Don’t Disappoint

A survey by the analytics company SOASTA reveals that 40% of moms have been disappointed on Mother’s Day. Other findings:

– 50% of moms would buy themselves a gift if they were disappointed on Mother’s Day

– 12% of moms say problems with gifts has caused them to be disappointed with Mother’s Day

– 5% of moms have purchased their own Mother’s Day gift

– 5% of moms can tell if their Mother’s Day gift was purchased at the last minute

– 10% of moms have had to do housework on Mother’s Day

– 9% of women have had a partner, who only cared about their own mom and not them

– 5% of moms have had a Mother’s Day ruined by a family fight

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