Someone put makeup on an egg and the internet is obsessed with it

Jan 24, 2019, 3:19 PM

By Ari Rees

First, an egg won the internet over easy by beating Kylie Jenner for the most liked Instagram post in history. Then makeup tutorials to look like the World Record Egg emerged on YouTube.

Now a Russian artist has gone viral for giving an egg a makeover, and the internet is scrambling to keep up.

What’s happening: Sonya Miro, a Russian makeup artist and Instagram influencer, posted a video of herself putting a full face of makeup on an egg this week.

  • In the video, Miro can be seen covering a brown egg with foundation, dusting it with setting powder and then using a brow pen and contouring makeup to define its facial features. Miro then applies eyeshadow, lip gloss and false eyelashes to the egg to complete the look.
  • In a follow-up post, Miro called her creation “my beautiful @world_record_egg,” responding to the now famous egg that got more likes on Instagram than Kylie Jenner.


Miro’s video was posted on Twitter Jan. 21 and has since had over 14 million views and 72 thousand retweets. The response from social media users has ranged from bewildered to seriously impressed.

Some cracked jokes about the glammed up egg.

Others bemoaned the fact that the egg looked better than they did.

A few makeup companies were quick to join in on the fun.

PopSugar even created a rundown of the products Miro used for anyone wanting to replicate the egg’s look.

And in perhaps the most poetic moment of the affair, someone painted Kylie Jenner on an egg.


In the days since Miro posted her now famous egg on Instagram, the World Record Egg’s Instagram account has begun posting images of the World Record Egg cracking. There is no word yet on if the two events are connected.

We can only sp’egg’ulate on what viral surprise will hatch next.

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Someone put makeup on an egg and the internet is obsessed with it