Britney Spears is allegedly in serious danger of going broke and is ‘completely dysfunctional’

By Jenny D on April 30, 2024

No! This was the exact thing I think most of us did not want to happen.

TMZ says Britney Spears is in serious danger of going broke and is “completely dysfunctional”.

She’s reportedly excessively spending with monthly trips to French Polynesia and Hawaii. Her $60 million fortune is dwindling and she is facing financial strain. Each trip to French Polynesia costs $1 million. Trips to Hawaii cost $350,000.

A source says, “She had lots of freedom in the conservatorship and the restrictions were there to protect her. She’s not protected anymore.”

TMZ also spoke with a Hollywood psychologist who has not treated Britney, but his diagnosis from afar is that Britney needs to be back under a conservatorship. And, if she’s not taking meds, she should be forced to. Again, I say “No!” Poor Britney.

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