Salary for Colorado teachers below national average

By Kathie J on April 30, 2024

Colorado teachers are 29th on the list in the nation for salary pay. Colorado teachers, according to this report, had an average salary of $60,775 in 2022 to 2023.

Before you start to think that is good, please note Colorado educators are in the lower half of salaries in the nation and their salary is only $8,000 above the lowest salary in the country in West Virginia. Colorado teachers did receive an increase in pay from the previous year, but only by about $600. This was one of the lowest increases in the nation.

According to a new report released by the National Education Association, the average Florida teacher’s salary has dropped to 50th in the country. California and New York top the teacher education list with salaries in the low $90 thousands. However, those cities also have a higher cost of living.

Read more about Colorado teachers here.

Read more about 77 percent of schools in Florida paying below $50,000 annually here.

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