The most ‘cringe’ word to Gen Z, and more reasons I might not be a cool mom anymore

By Jenny D on May 1, 2024

I feel like every time I get the slang down, they change it just to make my life harder. I wouldn’t care, but as a mom I need to keep up and try to be in the know. Failing right now!

Apparently “LOL” is no longer OK when texting, it will make you sound so old. I am going to keep doing it just to spite! Get off my lawn, Gen Z!

Here are 10 outdated terms, and what a Gen Z’er might say instead.

1.  Instead of “YOLO,” write “DIFTP”. It means “Do It for the Plot”. You’re the main character in your life, so don’t avoid things. Do what it takes to move the story along.

2.  Instead of “KK,” write “bet”. “KK” means okay, like you’re on board. “Bet” means the same thing, like “you bet.”

3.  Instead of “LMFAO,” write “IJBOL”. Short for “I just burst out laughing.”

4.  Stop using “ROFL”. It’s short for “rolling on the floor laughing.” Instead, just send a skull emoji. Like it’s so funny, you just died laughing.

5.  Don’t shorten the word “great” by spelling it “G-R-8”. Say “that slaps.”

6.  Don’t say “diss.” Say “clapback” instead.

7.  Stop calling things “fire.” It’s already lame. “Lit” is back in style now.

8.  Don’t call things “gross.” Call them “ick.”

9.  Never say “give me the 411.” No one under 40 knows that’s the number for directory assistance. Instead, say “what’s the tea” or “spill the tea.”

10.  Stop calling crazy people “cray.” In 2024, they’re “delulu,” short for delusional.

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