Young adults are buying homes in this CO town

By Melissa Moore on May 7, 2024

Young adults, those under 25 years old, are buying homes in one CO town.  Moneygeek looked at data as to where young adults are purchasing homes and found that one commonality is that they’re purchasing homes in college towns.

In CO, that trend continues with adults under 25 buying the most homes in CU’s hometown of Boulder.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 4% of homeowners are under the age of 25.

Here are the top 12 cities where young adult homeowners make up the largest percentage of owners:

  1. Provo, Utah: 38.8%
  2. Bloomington, Indiana: 32.5%
  3. College Station, Texas: 31.6%
  4. Davis, California: 28.7%
  5. Gainesville, FL: 26.7%
  6. Kalamazoo, Michigan: 26%
  7. Ann Arbor, Michigan: 24.8%
  8. Iowa City, Iowa: 24.8%
  9. Champaign, Illinois: 23.1%
  10. Greenville, North Carolina: 22.4%
  11. Boulder, Colorado: 22.2%
  12. Lawrence, Kansas: 21.7%

The top 3 cities also happen to be three college towns.  Provo is the home of Brigham Young University, Bloomington is the home of Indiana University and College Station, TX is the home of Texas A&M.

FYI, the median sold price in Boulder according to is $965,000. 

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