Travis Kelce teases that he wants to name his first son, “Conan”

By Kathie J on April 3, 2024
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Travis Kelce told Arnold Schwarzenegger that not only did he want to film a re-boot of Conan the Barbarian with Arnold but that he also wanted to name his first son, “Conan.”

The brothers, Jason and Travis Kelce had Arnold as a guest on their podcast, “New Heights” while they were visiting Los Angeles.

Arnold didn’t waste any time telling the brothers that he knew that they were in LA to dabble in the entertainment world. Arnold told them, “I’m not stupid. There’s a reason both of you are here in LA.”

Arnold also referenced an older podcast where Jason and Travis debated who was tougher between Arnold and The Rock. Travis chose The Rock and Arnold put him on the spot for it leading Travis Kelce to say, “I was shaking in my boots as soon as you walked in.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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