The Astronauts Wore BRAS To The MOON!?!

By Jackie Selby on July 16, 2019

…SORT OF!  The Astronauts did not wear ACTUAL bras, but their Apollo Spacesuits were made by the Platex Company, and were made of 24 layers of fabric.  Who makes a better stretch fabric than a BRA maker!

One stitch at a time, the seemstresses at Playtex had a mission, and baby it was NOT easy:  100% acuracy…and they did it!  Not ONE stitch was pulled on any of the space suits that went to the moon!

[Photo: Ralph Morse/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images]

Here is a really cool book all about it, too, “Spacesuit:  Fashioning Apollo”.

Watch this amazing video that tells you all you need to know!  

Jackie Selby

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