Rockies Jumbotron ‘Heartless’ Message Goes Viral

By Melissa Moore on July 20, 2023
DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 15: Manager Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and former manager of the Colorado Rockies, delivers a message via the jumbotron to a group of the members of the 2007 National League champion Colorado Rockies team before a game between the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres at Coors Field on September 15, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Was this an intentional prank?  Did someone hack the system?  Whatever the circumstance may be, a message that popped up on the Rockies Jumbotron has now gone viral.  CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF 

Who is Becky?  Feel badly for her?  Read on:

Jumbotron Message from Rockies – Astros Game:

 ‘Using a stethoscope to listen to the heart, cardiologists can detect narrow valves, valve leakage, and/or abnormal rhythm. Don’t bother asking him to check YOUR heart though, Becky. That crushed Titanic sub has more life inside it than that collapsed troll cave you call a chest cavity.’ 

Some of the responses so far…

‘Becky. We need to talk,‘ said Fox Sports MLB analyst and podcast host Ben Verlander.

This is one he&* of a way to get fired,’ wrote CBS Sports baseball editor Nick Stellini.



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