New DIA European style security checkpoint starts testing

By Jim Lawson on January 10, 2024

New DIA European style security checkpoint starts testing.

Denver, CO — Denver International Airport shared pictures of its newly completed west security checkpoint today and said it plans to begin testing.

The new checkpoint will be located on the sixth floor. This is different from the three existing checkpoints, which are all located on the fifth floor.

New DIA European style security checkpoint starts testing

(Photos courtesy of Denver International Airport)

The planned opening date for the checkpoint is February. The checkpoint will include 17 new lanes and will be able to process nearly two times as many passengers an hour as the current checkpoints.

The checkpoint will also include a separate entrance for people with TSA PreCheck, as well as dedicated lanes.

It is one of two that are planned to open up on the sixth floor, with the second on the northeastern side of the level.

A release by the airport at the end of 2023 said construction was progressing on the east security checkpoint, and that it would open by the end of 2025.

The space previously housed airline ticket counters.

DIA is inviting people to help test the new security checkpoint. You can sign up by January 12 here.

Selected participants will receive validated airport parking for the day of the test and a $50 Visa gift card.


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