If you live in Denver, will the snowplows hit your street?

By Murphy Huston on March 14, 2024
384402 01: Road crews remove snow January 16, 2000 in Denver, CO. Denver was hit with over 4 inches of snow today. (Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

According to the mayor and the city’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI)…YES…Every residential street will be plowed at least once within 24 hours if not more often.   Those residential plows will shave off the top few inches of snow, but will not bring the street to bare pavement. The city is ready to deploy all 54 heavy snowplows across the city’s major roads to clear snow and drop deicer. They can get to every residential street every 24 hours and the major streets every 12 hours.

Need to know: How long can you leave snow uncleared in the Denver metro area?

How much snow did Colorado get last night?

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