How to prevent frozen pipes

By jennyd on January 12, 2024
(Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

If you have ever had a frozen pipe it is a huge pain! Thanks to Denver Water for their suggestions if the temperatures drop below -5°:

  • Open cabinet doors underneath the sink to allow the household air to keep pipes warm.
  • If there is an attached garage to the home, keep those doors closed. “Occasionally, plumbing is routed through this unheated space, leaving it vulnerable to winter’s worst,” according to Denver Water.
  • Find the faucet farthest from where water enters the house and let it to drip slowly. Allowing water to move through the pipes will reduce the chance of water freezing. Set a bucket in the sink to collect the water that drips, so it can be saved for other household uses.
  • Set the thermostat above 65° if you are leaving the house for multiple days.

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Be safe and stay warm!


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