How much time do you actually spend in traffic per year in Denver?

By Jenny D on November 15, 2023
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

I am the WORST at sitting in traffic. I will admit it makes me crazy.  This stat although higher than we would want … compared to others not that bad. See what I did there with glass half full?? Check out the break down:

How long do you spend in traffic a year: The stats have been looked at over and over in the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard. They show the average U.S. commuter loses an average of 30 hours a year stuck in traffic. But, people who live in some USA cities have it worse than that.  Look who sits at #1!
1.    Chicago – 155 hours lost per driver in 2022 annually sitting in traffic
2.    Boston – 134 hours per driver annually
3.    New York – 117 hours per driver annually
4.    Philadelphia – 114 hours per driver annually 
5.    Miami – 105 hours per driver 2022 annually sitting in traffic
6.    San Francisco – 97 hours per driver
7.    Los Angeles – 95 hours per driver
8.    Washington, DC – 83 hours per driver
9.    New Orleans – 77 hours per driver
10.   Atlanta – 74 hours per driver 
Incidentally, the worst city for traffic in the world is London, England…but not by much.

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