Flamingo Lovers – Denver Zoo Opens New Habitat

By jlawson on November 14, 2023
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Denver Zoo is always doing things to make the experience better for both visitors and the animals who live there. That will be on display again this week as they open a new exhibit for their flamingos. 

The zoo will open the new habitat for its American and Chilean flamingos on Nov. 16. 

In a news release, the zoo said the new flamingo home is inspired by the Andean Highlands: the habitat will have both indoor and outdoor spaces, along with several wading pools, nesting islands and spots for guests to view the flamingos.

The habitat will enhance guest experiences, the zoo said.

You can get tickets to view the new flamingo habitat here. For more information about the new habitat, visit the zoo’s website

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