Did you have any of these toys when growing up?…they are in the Toy Hall Of Fame now!

By Murphy Huston on November 10, 2023
TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 15: Alana and her husband David Silber with their children surround themselves with Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbie dolls that Alana has been collecting ever since she was a little girl at home in Toronto on November 15, 2013. (Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

When you were a kid did you have any of these that might have been your favorite? The Fisher-Price Corn Popper along with the Cabbage Patch Kids and Nerf foam toys. But the biggest one for me are baseball cards. I still have a bunch of those. At one time my mom tossed out a bunch of them because she thought I didn’t care about them…did that ever happen to you? These favorites have been added to the Toy Hall Of Fame for this year.  But my girls they loved the Cabbage Patch dolls. I can remember the Christmas they were so popular and you couldn’t find one to buy…sold out! Santa took the blame for that one…not me.

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