Best Buy to stop selling DVD’s & Blu Rays in 2024

By Big Mic on October 17, 2023
(Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

If you’re someone who still enjoys popping in a DVD or a Blu-Ray disk to watch your favorite shows and movies, you’ll have one less retailer to purchase them as Best Buy will be removing those physical products from their stores by early 2024.  

Obviously with the rise of streaming and digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu & Disney+, consumers continue to move away from the physical products and the easier to access streaming versions. 

This comes weeks after one of the kings of streaming, Netflix, announced they were totally shuttering their DVD-by-mail service.

Good news for gamers out their who still prefer to buy physical copies of their games vs downloading it as Best Buy says they will still sell those…….for now.

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