44% of Americans reuse takeout containers

By Kathie J on April 2, 2024
(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

2,000 Americans were surveyed and asked about reusing their food container items. 41% admit that using disposable products makes them feel guilty about harming the environment.

However, 57% said that they reuse plastic bags and 44% reuse takeout containers.

The average American bought 65 disposable purchases such as plastic bags, cups and paper towels over the past year.

The average American bought 51 reusable items like straws and water bottles last year.

Do you feel empowered when you buy single use items? Are you doing it for the environment?

Why do use reuse takeout containers? Kathie grew up with everything being stored in used cool whip containers and never had real Tupperware until she got some as a Christmas present. Are they safe? Maybe you shouldn’t reheat them.

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