Would You Rather Get $1 Million Now . . . Or Earn Three Cents for Every Step You Take?

By jennyd on December 7, 2023
(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

This was an intriguing question I saw today trending.  I think I would have to do the 3 cents per step. What about you? I guess 56% of Americans said 3 cents so it is almost down the middle. Something I thought about was if you hit your average goal of 10,000 steps that could add up over time and maybe lose some weight too. Double win. Here is a break down:

If you DO get 10,000 steps a day, that’s about $300 a day . . . $2,100 a week . . . and $109,200 per year.  And in that case, it would take a little over nine years to get to $1 million, but after that, you could keep going. That’s around $195-per-hour walking . . . but some smart finance types say it STILL might be better to take the lump sum now . . . provided you save and invest the money. If I have a hard time staying strong and getting in 10,000 steps I am not sure I have the power to save and invest!

XO Jenny 


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