Worst First Date Blunders in Denver

By Melissa Moore on August 10, 2023
circa 1955: Bert and Ellie Lang, a young couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii enjoy the romance of a sunset dip in the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

Dating is tough!  First dates…usually brutal with nerves and expectations.  What can make them worse?  

According to a new survey, these 5 things are almost deal breakers for people on a first date.

Denver’s Top 5 First Date Deal Breakers:

  1. arriving late (54%)
  2. leaving early (41%)
  3. drinking too much alcohol (35%)
  4. spending too much time on their phone (28%)
  5. talking about themselves the whole date (17%).

Agree?  What do you consider the worst on this list?


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