Wondering what’s open or closed in Colorado on Easter Sunday? We’ve got the answers!

By Jim Lawson on March 29, 2024
Wondering what's open or closed in Colorado on Easter Sunday? We've got the answers!
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Wondering what’s open or closed in Colorado on Easter Sunday? We’ve got the answers!

There was a time when finding a store open on a Sunday was a rare occurrence. If you drove around Denver on a Sunday back then, you wouldn’t find much in terms of shopping or any other activities. However, as the city grew, more and more stores started opening their doors seven days a week. But for one Sunday this month, things will go back to how they used to be in the “good old days,” and many retailers will be closed.

This Sunday, March 31st, Easter Sunday, is the reason behind this temporary closure. While many people will be spending time with their loved ones, attending church services, enjoying Easter Egg Hunts with their little ones, and opening baskets left by the Easter Bunny, some of the stores where we usually spend our weekends shopping will be closed. They do this to give their employees the chance to take part in the traditions that honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In 2024, with our 24/7 economy and the demand for convenience, many retailers choose to remain open on Sundays and even on Easter Sundays. The pressures of modern life and the expectation of constant access to retail have compelled numerous companies to stay open, even on religious holidays like Easter. They fear losing customers to online retailers or to competing brands that have decided to keep their doors open. This change reflects the society we live in today.

Most grocery stores and Walmart will stay open this year; however, pharmacies will be closed. Some retailers have decided to buck the trend and close for 24 hours on Easter.

Closed on Easter Sunday


Sam’s Club


TJ Maxx


Natural Grocers


Open on Easter Sunday




Dollar General

Dollar Tree

King Soopers

Rite Aid


Trader Joe’s



Whole Foods

Most national food chains, including Starbucks and most McDonald’s locations, will be open Easter but may operate with changed or reduced hours. When in doubt, call ahead and check.

Happy Easter!



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