Woman finds 6 Thousand dollar wedding dress for pennies at Goodwill

By Melissa Moore on December 22, 2023
BARCELONA, SPAIN – APRIL 28: A model walks the runway during the Galia Lahav designed by Sharon Sever Season 2017 show as part of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week on April 28, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Estrop/Getty Images)

If you’re getting married and looking for a dress you might want to try Goodwill.  With the average price of a wedding dress being $1900 in 2022 according to The Knot, anything less might feel like a scam. 

One woman who went viral on TikTok, scored the unimaginable, a designer wedding dress for just $25. The woman looked it up and the designer is Galia Lahav and the dress retailed for $6,200! Where did this woman find her dream dress?  At her Alabama Goodwill store.

Many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Simone Biles have worn Galia Lahav dresses.

Emmali Osterhoudt, 21, found the dress earlier this year and wasn’t engaged at the time.  She decided to keep the dress for her wedding ‘someday’.  Just recently Osterhourdt announced again on TikTok that she was now engaged and would be wearing her Goodwill dress.





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