What is your score? One point for each embarassing one.

By jennyd on December 11, 2023

Fun game: You get 1 point for every one that your kids have done.  I have 6! Can you beat my score? XOXO Jenny #MerryChristms


Top 10 Ways Kids Have Embarrassed Their Parents At Christmas … According to a survey by Virgin Media

1. Cried when they saw Santa 
2. Told someone who gave them a present that they didn’t like it 
3. Told someone what their Christmas gift was before they’d opened it
4. Eaten all the chocolates off a Christmas tree
5. Asked someone how much money they spent on their Christmas gift
6. Found Christmas gifts in the house which were meant to be from Santa
7. Eaten someone else’s Christmas chocolate
8. Unwrapped the presents under a Christmas tree which weren’t meant for them
9. Told someone they didn’t like their Christmas dinner/cooking
10. Told someone they didn’t like their Christmas outfit


Actual footage of my youngest. Traumatizing for her but hilarious now for me. #MomLife

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