Top 10 “good luck” game day foods for Sunday

By jennyd on February 6, 2024
(Photo by Shannon O’Hara/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

A new Super Bowl survey by St Pierre reveals that 44% of sports fans have food-focused superstitions when it comes to a big game.

The study found that burgers, chicken wings, and hot dogs are considered ‘good luck’ game day foods, while deviled eggs and garlic bread are deemed bad omens.

85% of people only eat or serve certain dishes on game day, with pizza, popcorn, and chips bringing positive energy.

Just in case this is you (and to be honest what could it hurt)


TOP 10 ‘GOOD LUCK’ SUPER BOWL GAME DAY FOODS … According to a new survey by St-Pierre

  1. Pizza

  2. Hot dogs

  3. Burgers

  4. Chips

  5. Popcorn

  6. Chicken Wings

  7. Ice cream

  8. Chicken sliders

  9. Cupcakes

  10. Cookies

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