Tomorrow Record Store Day

By Melissa Moore on April 21, 2023
LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 21: Erin Davis Celebrates the Release of Miles Davis New EP “Ruberband” during Record Store Day on April 21, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

Tomorrow is a huge day for vinyl.  Vinyl records have made a huge comeback, hence Record Store Day which started in 2007.

Some fun facts about vinyl buyers:

  • 50% of people who purchase vinyl never play them – think collection
  •  41% of vinyl buyers own a turntable that they do not use.
  • – 7% of vinyl buyers don’t own a turntable.
  • – 52% of vinyl buyers use their turntable
  • – 50% of people will stream an album before buying it on vinyl.

My first record was a 45 of Elton John Crocodile Rock.  My dad was a DJ in Muncie, Indiana and brought it home for me.  I played it on my Winnie the Pooh record player every day.

What was yours?



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