Reese Witherspoon has internet melting down after drinking what?

By jennyd on January 23, 2024
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

What do you think? The internet is divided. I get both sides but I mean she isn’t wrong. 

XO Jenny

Reese Witherspoon recently posted a video where she took snow off of her car and made what she dubbed a “Snow Salt Chococinno”. Some of her viewers told her that drinking unfiltered snow can be dangerous. Reese countered by saying she used to drink out of the hose when she was growing up.

The Daily Mirror says Americans are using the polar vortex to make snow ice cream. The trend started on Tik Tok. The ice cream is made with snow, milk, sugar and vanilla. People are topping their snow ice cream with nuts, cherries and chocolate syrup.

The Internet reacts ….

“I don’t think I’d trust the cleanliness enough to try it”

“The answer is no”

“Just don’t eat yellow snow.”

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