Most awkward moments announced for National Awkward Day.

By Kathie J on March 18, 2024
National Awkward Day.
An annual day that everyone can relate to. We all have had awkward moments and some of us are still cringing from them.
A list was compiled of the most embarrassing moments in life and tripping or falling down seems to be #1. 
Here are more embarrassing or awkward moment most of us have:


Calling someone the wrong name.

Walking into a door or glass wall.

The completely wrong words come out of your mouth.

Walking into the same direction as another person.

Forgetting to mute a call.

The list could go on and on…but this one we need some help with….it said that, “Liking an old social media post” was awkward…someone tell Kathie J because she likes things a month late. 🙂

For National Awkward Day just remember to laugh at yourself and no one is perfect, ever.

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