LOOK – Cactus Christmas Trees Latest Trend

By Melissa Moore on November 6, 2023
(Original Caption) California: Cactus Christmas. The conventional type Christmas tree doesn’t grow in Palm Springs, California, but cactus abounds, so girls decorate one of the desert plants for the edification of Indian children who live in the vicinity.

Hmmm….I’m really trying to decide if this is super ugly or could this be cool?  I mean if you live out west and having a traditional pine Christmas tree isn’t you thing then maybe?  

I have seen palm Christmas trees in Florida, so maybe a cactus Christmas tree really isn’t that odd at all.

Then there are the tinsel Christmas trees, pink trees, upside down Christmas trees….so why not a cactus Christmas tree too!

Here are a few links I found to the fake cactus Christmas trees:

Home Depot 



What do you think?  Cactus Christmas tree cool or are we back to ugly?




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