How much more work women are doing during the holidays

By Melissa Moore on December 15, 2023
MELKSHAM, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 01: Christmas lights are displayed on a house on December 1, 2008 in Melksham, England. The householder Alex Goodwind – who says he does it to raise money for charity after his mother died a few years ago – starts planning lights in July and has spent 3,000 GBP this year alone on the lights that are now estimated to be worth 30,000 GBP. Last year the bill for electricity was 700 GBP and the house had to have an uprated electricity supply installed to cope with the additional power needed. Donations from visitors to the spectacle raised over 2,000 GBP to local hospice Dorothy House. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

My female friends, if you feel like you do all the work during the holidays, well… you do!

In a new study here is how much more you really do versus how much men contribute.  To be fair to men, there are obviously men who do a lot more and single dads who also have the majority.

Women vs Men During the Holidays:

  • Buy presents (57% of women vs 8% of men)
  • Wrap presents (58% vs 10%)
  • Plan Christmas dinner and buy it (51% vs 12%)
  • Cook Christmas dinner (49% vs 19%)
  • Dressing kids (47% vs 6%)
  • Attend the children’s nativity play (28% vs 6%)
  • Leave out treats for Santa Claus (36% vs 11%)
  • Buy the tree and decorations (46% vs 16%)
  • Write Christmas cards (62% vs 10%)
  • Clean the house for guests (42% vs 12%)
  • Tidy up after guests (28% vs 15%)

Is this true in your household? 

Happy Holidays!


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